What’s Sizzling? – May 8th Edition

Mother’s Day is coming up, so don’t forget to appreciate the one that brought you into this world!

It’s also been an active week here, looking at the question of one vs. two-income families, maintaining your assets, and my food preferences. The Personal Finance Basics series continued with a list of basic accounts everyone should have.

My Favorites This Week

  • My favorite post this week comes from Bible Money Matters. Pete created a list of 10 dumb ways you can waste money, covering a wide range fluff that will get you nowhere in your financial life.
  • If you’re getting ready to have a baby, you can find a good read at One Caveman’s Financial Journey. This week, he wrote about 8 things new parents don’t need to spend their money on. You can also get a lot of cool ideas from reading the comments.
  • Two posts from Trent at the Simple Dollar made it on my list this week. First, read about the idea of a neighborhood cooperative that pools community time and asset resources together to benefit everyone. Then, consider how the Stroop Effect messes with your finances (Stroop who? You’ll just have to read it).
  • Baker at Man vs. Debt wrote a funny and insightful piece this week that can be pretty adequately described with the title – Is Your Credit Card a Tool…Or Are You? It’s definitely worth the read.
  • Head over to Frugal Dad’s site and debate whether you should leave money to your kids when you pass away. It’s not an easy answer.
  • I love acronyms. A good one this week comes from Moolanomy’s site, and asks us to turn on our financial RADAR.
  • Flexo produced a short round-up this week of the recent publishing activity in the personal-finance-blogger world. Read about all the books and eBooks available.
  • Finally, if you’re interested in dabbling with peer-to-peer lending, read Five Cent Nickel’s review of Lending Club.

Enjoy your weekend, have a happy and joyous Mother’s Day, and check back in next week!

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