What’s Sizzling? – April 17th Edition

One of my favorite new features at Fiscal Fizzle is my Personal Finance Basics series, where I get to discuss the simplest of things in managing your money that many of us take for granted. This week, I started a three-part series on setting up a successful budget, which will continue for two more Mondays. My other posts from the week talk about ways to stop spending on eating out, home inspections, and fighting off financial stagnation. Be sure to take a look if you missed these! And now, here are my favorites from the week:

Favorites of the Week


3 thoughts on “What’s Sizzling? – April 17th Edition

  1. Thank you so much for the mention. I hope others don’t need the car accident advice I offer. It’s a scary situation to be in – seeing flying truck wheels hitting one’s car.

    1. I really liked your point about having an emergency kit ready to go in case of an accident! That’s something that neither of my cars have right now, and would come in very handy in case of anything. I will be purchasing some this weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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