What’s Sizzling? – April 10th Edition

What a fun week here at Fiscal Fizzle – we discussed calculating your net worth, motivating your savings (very hot, thanks to a number of social sites and carnivals), Consumer Reports, and unexpected expenses.

Great Reads This Week

  • Read about buying generic products at Frugal For Life, which also discusses the types of products where you are unlikely to notice a difference between name brand and generic.
  • Bible Money Matters has produced a list of 10 people you should follow on Twitter if you’re a personal finance “junkie.”
  • Personal Finance Hour was back this week with another great episode. Don’t forget to check it out Mondays @ 6 PM EST. Read this week’s recap.
  • Related to this week’s PF Hour topic, J.D. (Get Rich Slowly) writes about finding balance between time and money.
  • If you’re hard-pressed to find a job, No Debt Plan has prepared a list of 7 reasons you’re still unemployed. Definitely worth the read if you’ve joined the ranks of the job-less.
  • If you’re short on time to file your taxes this year, head over to My Money Blog and read about how to e-file your tax extension for free.
  • Looking for a good time? Head over to The Consumerist and read a transcript of a Comcast customer service request that will leave you half laughing, and half scratching your head.

Carnivals This Week