What’s Sizzling? – April 3rd Edition

For this and following weeks, I’ve decided to move my normal Sizzlers post from Sundays to Fridays. The reason is two-fold: to give these featured posts a little more exposure to my readers, and to take a little break from posting at the end of the week (I know, I’m selfish). I’ll be keeping the rest of my posting schedule much the same, so you will get four quality and juicy posts Monday through Thursday. If I have random or silly ideas, they will appear over the weekend. Thanks for following along!

Caught My Eye This Week…

Almost Frugal goes back to the basics this week with an article on Building a Budget. It’s an excellent walk-through and includes some good resources. Frugal For Life goes over 13 Areas of Wasted Money, a study in the most common ways people throw away money for things that don’t usually bring a lot of value.

I’ve wanted to write a post on Open Source software for a long time, but Suburban Dollar has beat me to it. Read Quit Paying for What You Can Get For Free for some great ideas. If you’re still into Microsoft, read about Five Ways to Get Cheap and Free Microsoft Software at Fine-Tuned Finances.

If you’re still strong-willed and invested in your retirement plan (you should be!), read the 2009 Roth IRA outlook at Good Financial Cents.

In light of the current economy, and his reader’s interests, Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich) is launching “I Will Teach You To Be Frugal,” a program that will obviously focus on frugality tips. Sethi has also released a new book recently, aptly named I Will Teach You To Be Rich. It was hard to miss all the reviews of this great read last week.

Carnivals I Haven’t Mentioned