What Sizzled the Week of March 22nd?

The week of March 22nd saw the conversion of Fiscal Fizzle to the Thesis WordPress theme. I hope you like the new look – there is much more styling and customization to come, in between providing you with the best financial content I can come up with. This week on Fiscal Fizzle, we discussed a couple of marriage-related topics, including setting joint financial goals and using a monthly report to keep each other updated. We also looked at why budgets tend to fail, and pondered the motivations people have for working. It’s been another record-breaking week here in terms of traffic!

The Recession Hits Hard

As the recession ramps up globally, there is some outstanding reading you can find across my fellow financial blogs. At Money Under Thirty, read about spending you should not cut, even in a recession. If you are cutting back, Andy @ Retire at 40 has posted 10 expenses you can shave off during these lean times.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself out of a job and essentially “self-employed,” Frugal Dad covers self-employment health coverage options this week. If you’re still lucky enough to be working, or are considering how to get back on your feet, read about the importance of income diversification at Gather Little by Little.

If not going out to eat is “getting old” for you, read about the non-financial benefits of eating at home at Passive Family Income. Then head over to Counting My Pennies and read about whether the economy has changed your spending habits.

Elsewhere This Week

Budgets are Sexy presents a developing idea that may become reality sooner than you think – paying for goods with your cell phone!

Blog Talk Radio has launched Personal Finance Hour, with hosts Jim Wang (Bargaineering) and J.D. Roth (Get Rich Slowly). The show airs 6 PM Eastern on Monday nights.

Weakonomics was focused on taxes this week, and we looked at the pros and cons of the fair tax, as well as the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Enjoy your week!