What Sizzled the Week of March 15th?

Another exciting week is behind us at Fiscal Fizzle. This week, we explored ideas about frugal entertainment and dating, and took a look at how we can all stay a little more positive during these trying times. I have some fantastic topics lined up for next week, and hope you’ll come along for the ride! Here’s what caught my attention this week elsewhere:

Pat at the Smart Passive Income Blog is writing a series on how to publish eBooks, which I will be following. Pat has successfully written an eBook study guide for the LEED Green Building exam, and grossed over $20,000 in sales last month. I recommend following his blog with close attention.

If you’re considering purchasing long-term bonds as an alternative to the wild ride the stock market is providing right now, read about why bond values decrease when interest rates go up at Gather Little by Little. If value investing is your style (the Warren Buffet way), read a review of the Complete Idiot’s Guide at Bargaineering.

Many of us struggle with budgeting for unforeseen, irregular, or large expenses throughout the year. Large companies know this and have developed something known as the sinking fund – a method of spreading out upcoming expenses over a longer period of time. Read about the sinking fund at the Frugal Dad.

I love A-Z lists, don’t you? They are so much fun to read through. Here is one I found this week: The A-Z of a Frugal Life. If you’re looking for a flashback, check out the list of 10 fictional billionaires at Shrinkage is Good – quotes included.

Make it a great week and check in frequently!