22 Ideas for Cheap Dates

Today is the 20th day of the month of March. That may seem insignificant, but those within my closest circle of friends and family know that I am not available tonight for calls, questions, or emergencies.

That’s because every 20th of the month, regardless of outside circumstances or what day of the week it falls on, my wife and I try to have a date night.

It can be as simple as walking down to the beach and watching the sunset together, or as elaborate as an incredible dinner at a fancy steakhouse restaurant. Whatever we decide, we are always together, and always alone (well, except for the slightly drunk guy at the other table who keeps looking over at us).

Although the tradition started out as a no-holds barred extravaganza, we quickly realized that just because it was date night, it wasn’t a license to spend a half-week’s worth of salary on a meal.

This got us to be more and more creative every month with how we handle this special occasion.

We have made a resolution that no matter what we do, as long as we are together and have a chance to converse with one another outside of work or home, it would be okay. However, it still is date night, and I can’t give up on being romantic, just because I want to be frugal.

And so here is my list of ideas for fantastic, simple, inexpensive, and/or romantic date nights that you can steal and call your own (I promise I won’t call your significant other):

  1. Themed dinner night (by decade, style of cooking, or country of origin)
  2. Watch the sunset together
  3. Have a game night (play Monopoly or cards)
  4. Walk down Main Street
  5. Have a picnic at a cool or exotic location
  6. Watch your favorite TV shows together
  7. Go to the local park and talk or do an activity
  8. Take a walk where you can sight-see
  9. Photograph an interesting location together
  10. Cook breakfast in bed (don’t actually cook on the bed)
  11. Have a “raunchy” night (you know)
  12. Take something you normally do at home (read, eat, paint) and do it somewhere else
  13. Take a bike ride together
  14. Head to the beach for a little tan (or go snow sledding for those of you a bit further north)
  15. Work out together
  16. Go camping for the night
  17. Go shooting at a range (recommended by a friend, yet to try it)
  18. Have a cupcake party
  19. Have a popcorn party
  20. Watch a romantic movie
  21. See an inexpensive local event
  22. Take turns picking out activities

These are only a few of many endless possibilities. Hopefully, you will grab on to one of these, or I’ve made you think of something else you’d like to try out. Date nights can be an incredibly powerful way of re-connecting with those you love, and can be done at an affordable price!

Photo by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

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  1. Some very good ideas! I think that “Date Night” is key, especially when you have kids. There is nothing wrong with getting it on the schedule and sticking to it no matter what. Thanks for stopping by and for you thoughtful comment today. You have got a great blog here!

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