What Sizzled the Week of March 8th?

A lot of exciting things were going on this week, including settling into our new apartment and filing my taxes. On the blog, I discussed ideas for vacations in a bad economy (which seemed to attract the attention of marketing staff at several home exchange companies). I also shared one of my favorite tools for personal money management: the adult allowance. I saw traffic rise steadily on my blog for the third week in a row, and readership levels are almost triple what they were only 4 weeks ago. I hope that means my content is valuable and helpful to those who visit – my primary goal for maintaining this blog.

Around the blogosphere this week, I found a number of interesting reads I would love to share. The Passive Dad offered 10 ways to deal with financial stress in these challenging times (exercise happens to be my favorite of the bunch).

If you’re one of the few million people already using Twitter, why not check out TwiTip’s article on how to save money with Twitter. If we can do it on blogs, we can surely do it there!

They say history is the best teacher. Passive Family Income writes this week about financial lessons from the Great Depression. It would be worth the read even if times weren’t so rough.

Remember the standard advice about emergency funds? 3 to 6 months has been the norm until recently, when it seems 9 to 12 months is more appropriate. Americans seem to have forgotten though, as 50% are less than 2 paychecks away from major trouble (The Consumerist).

With my mother an active dentist, Wise Bread’s article on how to avoid big dental bills really hit home. Read through the comments for some reviews of the advice and other interesting tidbits. Also at Wise Bread, check out these ways that thieves can steal from you when you leave your GPS and garage transmitter in your car, or even with a text message to your loved ones!

If you’re feeling like reading some very dense information, head over to Get Rich Slowly for these financial rules of thumb. They are a lot to absorb in one sitting, but offer up some great ways to start thinking about your own situation.

Finally, if you’re looking for a good chuckle, read about how one man paid his entire electric bill with pennies because he was upset with the charges!

Have a great week, everyone.

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