What Sizzled the Week of March 1st?

The past week has been challenging as I try to keep the blog running while organizing and unpacking at our new apartment. Nevertheless, some excellent reading popped up this week that I’d like to share with you.

My Money Blog wrote about a portfolio allocation model with an interesting perspective by the late Harry Browne. Financial Nut wrote about what many are asking – is it a good time to buy stocks? Meanwhile, Frugal Dad introduced us to WeSeed, an investing website “with massive training wheels attached.”

Starting your own business? Here are 5 things to talk over with your partner before you begin. Thinking of making a large impulse purchase? Sleep on it instead, a frugal tip by Million Dollar Journey.

I also read about a cool book I’ve long considered getting, the Entertainment Book, at Poorer Than You. Frugal For Life wrote about the 5 R’s of basic frugality. Finally, here are 19 ways that laziness is costing you money.

Make it a great week!

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