What Sizzled the Week of February 22nd?

What a crazy week for me! On Saturday, we left the comfort of our old apartment behind and moved into a place almost twice the size. I can finally say that I have my own office from which to work (okay, I guess I share it with my wife), but I am not looking forward to unpacking all this junk laying around everywhere. Regardless, here’s what caught my attention this week:

I debated the rights and wrongs of charging bank fees on debit cards issued to unemployed workers, and considered car maintenance costs at Financial Nut. My urban planner side enjoyed (or rather, was a little disturbed by) a post about abandoned subdivisions across America. I also read a bit of a different perspective, at least different from the usual rhetoric, about whose problem foreclosures really are.

I was excited to see different takes on topics I wrote about in February – the Passive Dad wrote on keeping focus during sales, while the paradox of spending vs. saving continued to be debated at Get Rich Slowly.

Wise Bread introduced 15 ways to save a lot of money in our day-to-day. Banks were once again in the spotlight this week, and one consideration were overdraft fees. Read about how some companies are laying people off, and check out what Monopoly can teach you about handling money. For a good laugh about airline fees, consider the “emergency escape” fee scenario.

To round out the week, here’s a good list of things to do if you’d like to educate yourself about personal finance, and if you still don’t believe in the power of gradual, read about how $5 can really make a difference. Enjoy your week!