What Sizzled the Week of February 8th?

I will close out each week with a list of things I found useful, interesting, or thought-provoking during the week.

Tax season is in full swing, and as I struggled to organize my returns, some timely tax advice came in handy. The Digerati Life covered a list of tax deductions I may have missed, while Bargaineering outlined the various free resources for filing your taxes. The online version of TurboTax is my personal preference. I read about what bloggers can deduct on their taxes at the BlogCoach, which will help me with record-keeping over the next year. The same article led to the 7 things every blogger should know about taxes on ProBlogger.

I was a bit disappointed to see Zecco cancel their free trades for small-balance investors, as I had considered trying out their services. In the end, it may still be a good deal.

A new blog written by a married college student caught my eye and promises to provide some great advice (Independent Beginnings – great title as well). I also debated the benefits of working with family, and pooling time and thought resources at The Passive Dad. With a few other blog ideas in the back of my mind, a group blog just might be the way to go.

I learned how to declutter an entire room in one go from Zen Habits as I get ready for my move in two weeks. And finally, I gave in and started Twittering, which has proved to be a very enjoyable experience.

Enjoy your week – there are many exciting things in the works for Fiscal Fizzle.

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